• Capture the amazing wildlife of one of Sri Lanka’s most popular national parks and make memories to last a lifetime

  • Fall in love with the great tuskers roaming at the Udawalawe National Park and watch them get on with their daily routines

  • Be a part of the most amazing boat ride tours in the Tissamaharama, Debarawewa, Yoda, Weerawila and Pannegamuwa lakes

  • Experience the ancient history of Buddhist temples like never before, in the vicinity of the Yala National Park

Welcome to Imperial Safari Jeep Tours

Get out in the wild and enjoy the greatest safari experience in Sri Lanka with us. Home to some of the finest safari parks, the southern part of the country is where we focus our attention. Giving out some of the best safari parks of the nation, we provide all of the services which are required to fulfil your wildest dreams when it comes to experiencing nature and wildlife at its best.

Yala is one of the most popular wildlife national parks of Sri Lanka and is known to have the highest densities of wildlife in the country. You can experience a variety of animals and be awed by their daily routines. This blend with nature is given to you by the finest safari destination in Sri Lanka along with the best safari jeep tours provided by us.

Our team of well experienced staff are ever ready to give you all of the information you need about the wildlife in the national parks of Sri Lanka. They are well capable of making you spot even the most difficult animals in the safari national parks. Hopping on to a jeep and riding unknown terrains is not going to show you the kind of rare wildlife spotting which you are eagerly looking for. An experienced guide is a must have in such safari tours along with the best types of vehicles to drive in such terrains. We provide you both of these at the most affordable and reasonable rates.

Our drives can last from 5 to 13 hours experiencing the best of the national parks at the most peak times in terms of spotting wildlife. We tailor our services according to the experiencing which you are looking for. Come join with us to witness the most amazing safari experiencing you will ever have.

We provide safari jeep tours to three of the most famed national parks of Sri Lanka.


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The close proximity of these three parks allow you to experience all in one go or adjust it according to your time. It is up to you to decide what kind of safari experience you wish to have as each national park has its own set of features in offer.

A day in the wilderness of Yala Safari

Traverse the terrains of Yala to capture the amazing wildlife at the Yala National Park where you can say “cheese” with the leopards and giant tuskers of Sri Lanka.

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Want to join in for a safari tour of Udawalawe National Park.

Want to join in for a safari tour of Bundala National Park.

If you are still unsure of which national park to tour in or want to know more about these national parks of Sri Lanka

You can go on a boat tour or visit ancient Buddhist sites of historical importance, all which are situated in the vicinity of Yala National Park. We can arrange special tours for you.

We also provide additional tours of Yala block number 5 and bird watching tours.

We provide airport pickup and drop off services for an additional charge.


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