Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is a nation proud of its natural resources. One of its main attractions is the unique wildlife which can only be spotted in this part of the world. Amidst this background, the Yala National Park stands as one of the most frequently visited wildlife sanctuaries of the island. It is also the second largest of national parks in Sri Lanka.

Many attempts have been made to conserve the wildlife of this amazing national park which the country is so proud of. From majestic leopards to tusker elephants, it has all what it takes to provide the most unique wildlife and nature experience ever. It is also host to a variety of birds which seem to be flurrying across the parks, especially aquatic birds.

Covering 979 square kilometers, the Yala National Park is located 300 kilometers from Colombo. It lies in the Southern Province and Uva Province. Yala is host to a wide range of ecosystems including monsoon forests, freshwater and marine wetlands. It has 215 species of bairds and 44 mammals. The park also boasts of the highest leopard densities in the entire planet. One can find a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and vertebrates in this national park of Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park is located in an area where it is surrounded by many other national parks such as Udawalawe National Park, Bundala National Park and Lunugamvehera National park. Situated within this most famed national park are two important pilgrim sites namely, Sithulpahuwa and Magul Vihara.

Yala National Park is divided in to five blocks and has four entry points to it. All four gates are open to the public. The Palatupana entrance at block 1 remains to be the most popular one in use up to date.

Facts on Yala National Park

Area 979 square kilometers
Location About 300km South East of Colombo
Provinces Southern, Uva
Average Temperature 26.4 Celsius degrees (79.5 Fahrenheit degrees)
Closest City Katharagama
Distance to Closest City 25km (30 minutes’ drive)
Climate Mostly dry
Park Open Hours 6am to 6pm
Best Time to Visit June to September
Gate 1 : Katagamuwa
Gate 2 : Palatupana
Gate 3&4 : Galge